A Crown of Swords: Chapter 12

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A Morning of Victory

Toral Delvar

Characters: Egwene, Gareth, Lan, Myrelle, Nisao, Siuan

Setting: The Rebel Aes Sedai camp

Point of view: Egwene

Byrne reveales that Talmanes is concerned about Egwene. Myrelle is furious that he has been talking to him, but Egwene merely worries it might become known the Band is not a threat. She learns it has grown in size since leaving Salidar because of Mat's reputation. Myrelle threatens him till Egwene tells her to be quiet and asks him not to meet Talmanes again. He tells her there is a tale that Rand has gone to swear to Elaida, but she is able to say it is not true. She agrees to send sisters into the army camp to reassure the men there. He tells her the army serves her and leaves.

They go on, Egwene curious about what Myrelle is hiding, though Siuan seems to suspect. She is taken to a tent where she is shown Lan, who Myrelle bonded to keep alive. Though angry that his bond was passed without consent, she is happy that Myrelle intends to pass it to Nynaeve when she is ready. Nisao, who is also there, tries ordering Suian, but is ignored. Egwene tells Lan that Nynaeve is in danger in Ebou Dar and needs his protection. He agrees to go immediately. She tells Nisao and Myrelle that the two are in love, though Nisao does not believe it. She then tells them that the extra lessons for Nicola are to stop. Siuan realises that Nicola and Areina must have discovered Lan and blackmailed the two Aes Sedai and is outraged. Egwene leaves them to weave a gateway for Lan. When she returns, she hears Nisao threatening Siuan so tells her to send Nicola and Areina back to the camp.

Egwene tells Myrelle and Nisao that if she is to protect their crime, that would put them in her debt and she would need to trust them, so they must swear fealty, which they do, reluctantly. On the way back she tells Siuan of Nicola and Areina's previous blackmail attempt and has to tell her not to have them killed. She is sent to tell the rest of Sheriam and Myrelle's group to come to the Amyrlin's study, as she plans to make them swear fealty also.

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