Book Glossary I

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A great port on the Sea of Storms, capital city of the nation of the same name. An ancient enemy of Tear. The banner of Illian is nine golden bees on a field of green.


Lord Ingtar of House Shinowa: A Shienaran warrior met at Fal Dara.


A beautiful and greedy woman who angered the wrong woman and for once in her life told the truth when she denied stealing.


The first Queen of Andor (circa FY 994-1020). At the death of Artur Hawkwing, Ishara convinced her husband, one of Hawkwing's foremost generals, to raise the siege of Tar Valon and accompany her to Caemlyn with as many soldiers as he could break away from the army. Where others tried to seize the whole of Hawkwing's empire and failed, Ishara took a hold of a small part and succeeded. Today, nearly every noble House in Andor contains some of Ishara's blood and the right to claim the Lion Throne depends both on direct decent from her and on the number of lines of connection to her that can be established.

Ispan Shefar

Formerly an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, now Black Ajah.