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Kadere, Hadnan (kah-DEER, HAHD-nahn)

A peddler traveling the Aiel Waste. A man with knowledge to sell, if he can find the right price.

kaf (KAAF)

A Seanchan drink, brewed black and drunk steaming hot, sometimes sweetened, but often not. A stimulating beverage.

Kairen Stang

An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.

Kandor (KANH-dohr)

One of the Borderlands. The sign of Kandor is a rearing red horse on a field of pale green.

Karaethon Cycle, the (ka-REE-ah-thon)

See Dragon, Prophecies of the.

Keille Shaogi

See Shaogi, Keille.

Kin, the

Even during the Trolloc Wars, more than two thousand years ago (circa 1000-1350 AB), the White Tower continued to maintain its standards, putting out women who failed to measure up. One group of these women, fearing to return home in the midst of the wars, fled to Barashta (near the present-day site of Ebou Dar), as far from the fighting as was possible to go at that time. Calling themselves the Kin, and Kinswomen, they kept in hiding and offered a safe haven for others who had been put out. In time, their approaches to women told to leave the Tower led to contacts with runaways, and, while the exact reasons may never be known, the Kin began to accept runaways, as well. They made great efforts to keep these girls from learning anything about the Kin until they were sure that Aes Sedai would not swoop down and retake them. After all, everyone knew that runaways were always caught sooner or later, and the Kin knew that unless they held themselves secret, they themselves would be punished severely. Unknown to the Kin, Aes Sedai in the Tower were aware of their existence almost from the very first, but prosecution of the wars left no time for dealing with them. By the end of the wars, the Tower realized that it might not be in their best interests to snuff out the Kin. Prior to that time, a majority of runaways actually had managed to escape, whatever the Tower's propaganda, but once the Kin began helping them, the Tower knew exactly where any runaway was heading and they began retaking nine out of ten. Since Kinswomen moved in and out of Barashta (and later Ebou Dar) in an effort to hide their existence and their numbers, never staying more than ten years lest someone notice that they did not age at a normal speed, the Tower believed they were few and they certainly were keeping themselves low. In order to use the Kin as a trap for runaways, the Tower decided to leave them alone, unlike any other similar group in history and to keep the very existence of the Kin a secret known only to full Aes Sedai. The Kin do not have laws, but rather rules based in part on the rules for Novices and Accepted in the White Tower and in part on the necessity of maintaining secrecy. As might be expected given the origins of the Kin, they maintain their rules very firmly on all of their members. Recent open contacts between Aes Sedai and Kinswomen. while known only to a handful of sisters, have produced a number of shocks, including the facts that there are twice as many Kinswomen as Aes Sedai and that some are more than a hundred years older than any Aes Sedai has lived since before the Trolloc Wars. The effect of these revelations, both on Aes Sedai and on Kinswomen, is as yet a matter for speculation. See also Daughters of Silence.

Kinch, Hyam (KIHNCH, HY-ahm)

A farmer met on the Caemlyn Road.


Close friends and acquaintances.

Knitting Circle, the

The leaders of the Kin. Since no member of the Kin has ever known how Aes Sedai arrange their own hierarchy -- knowledge passed on only when an Accepted has passed her test for the shawl -- they put no store in strength in the Power, but give great weight to age, with the older woman always standing above the younger. The Knitting Circle (a title chosen, like the Kin, because it is innocuous) thus consists of the thirteen oldest Kinswomen resident in Ebou Dar, with the oldest given the title of Eldest. By the rules, all will have to step down when it is time for them to move on, but so long as they are resident in Ebou Dar, they have supreme authority over the Kin, to a degree that any Amyrlin Seat would envy.

Ko'bal (KOH-bahl)

See Trollocs.