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Laman (LAY-mahn)

A king of Cairhien, of House Damodred, who lost his throne and life in the Aiel War.

Lamgwin Dorn (lam-GWIHN DOHRN)

A street tough and brawler who is loyal to his queen.


al'Lan Mandragoran (AHL-LAN man-DRAG-or-an), a Warder bonded to Moiraine. (B6) Uncrowned King of Malkier, a land swallowed by the Blight in the year he was born (953 NE), Dai Shan (Battle Lord), and the last surviving Malkieri lord. At the age of sixteen he began a one-man war against the Blight and the Shadow, which continued until he was bonded as a Warder by Moiraine in 979 NE. See also Dai Shan.


In most lands, noblewomen do not personally lead their arms men into battle under normal circumstances. Instead, they hire a professional soldier, almost always a commoner, who is responsible both for training and leading their arms men. Depending on the land, this man can be called a Lance-Captain, Sword-Captain, Master of the Horse, or Master of the Lances. Rumors of closer relationships than Lady and servant often spring up, perhaps inevitably, and which are sometimes true.

Lanfear (LAN-fear)

In the Old tongue, "Daughter of the Night." One of the Forsaken, perhaps the most powerful next to Ishamael. Unlike the other Forsaken, she chose this name herself. She is said to have been in love with Lews Therin Telamon and to have hated his wife, Ilyena. See also Forsaken, Dragon, the.

Laras (LAH-rahs)

Mistress of the Kitchens in the White Tower. A woman if surprising knowledge and with a shocking past.


See Length, units of.

Leane Sharif (lee-AHN-eh shah-REEF)

An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, and Keeper of the Chronicles. (B5) Now disposed and stilled, seeking to rediscover who she is. See also Ajah; Chronicles, Keeper of the.

Leashed Ones

See damane.

Legion of the Dragon, the

A large military formation, all infantry, giving allegiance to the Dragon Reborn, trained by Davram Bashere along lines worked out by himself and Mat Cauthon, lines which depart sharply from the usual employment of foot. While many men simply walk in to volunteer, large numbers of the Legion are scooped up by recruiting parties from the Black Tower, who first gather all of the men in an area who were willing to follow the Dragon Reborn and only after taking them through gateways to near Caemlyn winnow out those who can be taught to channel. The remainder, by far the greater number, are sent to Bashere's training camps.

Lelaine Akashi

An Aes Sedai and Sitter of the Blue Ajah.

length, units of

10 inches = 3 hands = 1 foot; 3 feet = 1 pace; 2 paces = 1 span; 1000 spans = 1 mile; 4 miles = 1 league.

Lews Therin Telamon

See Dragon, the.

Liandrin (lee-AHN-drihn)

An Aes Sedai, formerly of the Red Ajah, now known to be of the Black Ajah.

Light, Children of the

See Children of the Light.

Lini (LIHN-nee)

Childhood nurse to the Lady Elayne and to Elayne's mother, Morgase, as well as to Morgase's mother. A woman of vast inner strength, considerable perception, and a great many sayings, who has never quite admitted that any of her charges has grown up completely.

Linking Information

The ability of women, who can channel, to combine their flows of the One Power. While the combined flow are not as great as the sum total of the individual flows, it is directed by the person who leads the link and that can be used much more precisely and to a far greater effect than the individual flows could. Men cannot link their abilities without the presence of a woman or women in the circle. Entering a link is normally a voluntary act, requiring at least acquiescence, but under certain circumstances, a sufficient circle already formed can bring another woman forcibly into the circle as long as no man is part of it. Insofar as is known, a man cannot be forced into a circle, no matter haw large. Up to thirteen women can link without the presence of a man. With the addition of one man, the circle can increase to twenty-six women, two men can take the circle to include thirty-four women, and so on until the limit of six men and sixty-six women is reached. There are links that include more men and fewer women, but except in the linking of one man and one women there must always by at least one more woman in the circle than there are men. In most circles, either a man or a woman can control the link, but a man must control the circle of seventy-two, as well as in mixed circles of fewer than thirteen. Although men are in general stronger in the Power than women, the strongest circles are those which contain as near as possible to equal numbers of men and women. See also Aes Sedai.

Logain (loh-GAYN)

Born 972 NE in Ghealdan, once claimed to be the Dragon Reborn. (B6) Captured after carrying war across Ghealdan, Altara, and Murandy, he was carried to the White Tower and gentled, later escaping in the confusion after Siuan Sanche was deposed. A man who yet has greatness ahead of him. (B7) The accidental restoration of his ability to channel was the first indication that such a loss was not permanent. Confined after his Healing, he escaped again, and his present whereabouts are unknown. See also gentling, stilling.

Loial (LOY-ahl)

Son of Arent (AH-rent) son of Halan (HAY-lahn). An Ogier from Stedding Shangtai. Would-be author of a book about the Dragon Reborn.


Lord of House Mantear (LUKE; MAN-tee-ahr); Tigraine's brother. His disappearance in the Great Blight (971 NE) is believed to be connected to Tigraine's later disappearance. His sign was an acorn.

Lugard (LOO-gahrd)

Nominally the capital of Murandy, though that country is a quilt of loyalties to towns and individuals lords and ladies, and whoever sits on the throne seldom has any real control over even the city. Lugard is a major trade center, and a byword for thievery, licentiousness and general disrepute.

Luhhan, Haral (LOOH-hahn, HAH-rahl)

Blacksmith of the Two Rivers and member of the Village Council of Emond's Field. His wife Alsbet (AHLS-beht) is a member of the Women's Circle.


See Mondwin, Luthair Paendrag.


An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.