Book Glossary N

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Natael, Jasin (nah-TAYL, JAY-sihn)

A Gleeman traveling the Aiel Waste. Name used by Asmodean, one of the Forsaken.


Aiel kinship terms meaning friends as close as first-sisters or first-brothers. Near-sisters often adopt one another formally as first-sisters in an elaborate ceremony carried out before Wise Ones, after which they are recognized by other Aiel as truly born twins, though a pair of twins with two mothers. Near-brothers almost never do this.

Nedeal, Corianin

See Talents.

Niall, Pedron (NEYE-awl, PAY-drohn)

Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light. See also Children of the Light.

Nisura, Lady (nih-SOO-rah)

A Shienaran noblewoman, and one of the Lady Amalisa's attendants.

Nynaeve al'Meara (NIGH-neev al-MEER-ah)

A woman once the Wisdom of Emond's Field, in the Two Rivers district of Andor. Having skipped the level of Novice, she entered into the White Tower as an Accepted. Her hair is in a long braid, hung over her shoulder, as this is the traditional hair style for the women of Emond's Field, and has grown to enjoy silk fabrics, though she would only admit to enjoying stout Emond's Field shoes.