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Padan Fain

Once a peddler trading into the Two Rivers, and a Darkfriend, he was transformed at Shayol Ghul, not only to enable him to find the young man who would become the Dragon Reborn as a hound finds prey for the hunter, but to ingrain the need to find him. The pain of this transformation induced in Fain a hatred of both the Dark One and of Rand al'Thor. While following al'Thor, he encountered the trapped soul of Mordeth in Shadar Logoth and his soul tried to take Fain's body. Because of what had been made of Fain, though, the result was an amalgamation that was mostly Fain and that has abilities beyond what either man had originally, though Fain does not understand them fully yet. Most men feel fear at a Myrddraal's eyeless gaze, but Myrddraal feel fear at Fain's gaze.

Pattern of an Age

The Wheel of Time weaves the threads of human lives into the Pattern of and Age, often called simply the Pattern, which forms the substance of reality for that Age. See also ta'veren.

Prophet, the

More formally, the Prophet of the Lord Dragon. Once known as Masema Dagar, a Shienaran soldier, he underwent a revelation and decided that he had been called to spread the word of the Dragon's rebirth. He believes that nothing is more important than acknowledging the Dragon Reborn as the Light made flesh and being ready when the Dragon Reborn calls and he and his followers will use any means to force others to sing the glories of the Dragon Reborn. Forsaking any name but "the Prophet," he has brought chaos to much of Ghealdan and Amadicia, large parts of which he controls.