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Rafela Cindal
An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah.
Ragan (rah-GAHN)
A Shienaran warrior.
Rand al'Thor (RAND al-THOR)
A young man from Emond's Field, in the Two Rivers district of Andor, who is ta'veren. Once a shepherd, but now proclaimed as the Dragon Reborn, He Who Comes With the Dawn, prophesied to unite the Aiel and break them. It also seems likely that he is the Coramoor, or Chosen One, sought by the Sea Folk. See also Aiel, Jendai Propecy.
Rashima Kerenmosa (rah-SHE-mah keh-rehn-MOH-sah)
Called the Soldier Amyrlin. Born circa 1150 AB. Raised Amyrlin from the Green Ajah in 1251 AB. Personally leading the Tower armies, she won innumerable victories, most notably Kaisin Pass, the Sorelle Step, Larapelle, Tel Norwin and Maighande, where she died in 1301 AB. Her body was discovered after the battle, she was surrounded by her five Warders and a vast wall of Trollocs and Myrddraal, which contained the corpses of no fewer than nine Dreadlords. See also Amyrlin Seat, Dreadlords.
Red Ajah
See Ajah.
Red Shields
See Aiel warrior societies.
Rendra (REHN-drah)
A woman of Tarabon. Innkeeper of the Three Plums Court, in Tanchico.
Renna (REEN-nah)
A Seanchan woman; a sul'dam.
Return, the
See Corenne.
Rhuarc (RHOURK)
An Aiel clan chief of the Taardad Aiel.
Rhuidean (RHUY-dee-ahn)
A great city in the Aiel Waste which has been abandoned for nearly three thousand years. Any man wanting to be a clan chief or any woman wanting to be a Wise One must enter Rhuidean and be tested inside a great ter'angreal deep within the city. Men may enter only once, women twice. Only one man in three survives his journey to Rhuidean. The survival rate for women is considerably higher for both visits. Its location is a secret closely guarded by the Aiel. The prescribed penalty for a non-Aiel entering the valley of Rhuidean is death, though some who are favored (such as peddlers or gleemen) might simply be stripped naked, given water skins, and allowed to attempt to walk out of the Waste.
The city is once again inhabited by the Aiel and a great lake occupies one end of the valley of Rhuidean, fed by an underground ocean of fresh water, and in turn feeding the only river in the Waste.
Rhyagelle (rheye-ah-GEHL)
In the Old Tongue, "Those Who Come Home," or "Homecomers."
Rogosh Eagle-eye
A legendary hero mentioned in a number of old stories.