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Tai'shar (TIE-SHAHR)

In the Old Tongue, "True blood of."


Abilities in to use specific areas of the One Power. Aptitude in Talents varies widely from individual to individual and is seldom related to the strength of the individual's ability to channel. There are major Talents, the best known and most widespread is Healing. Other examples are Cloud Dancing, the control of weather, and Earth Singing, which involves controlling movements of the earth; for example, preventing, or causing, earthquakes or avalanches. There are also minor Talents, seldom given name, such as the ability to see ta'veren or to duplicate the chance-twisting effect of ta'veren, though in a very small and localized area rarely covering more than a few square feet. Many Talents are now known only by their names and only given vague descriptions. Some, such as Traveling (the ability to shift oneself from one place to another without crossing the intervening space) which had been lost (B6) are now being rediscovered. Others such as Foretelling (the ability to foretell future events, but in a general way) and Delving (the location of ores and possibly their removal from the ground), are now found only rarely if at all. Another Talent long thought lost is Dreaming, which involves, among other things, interpreting the Dreamer's dreams to foretell future events in more specific fashion than Foretelling does. Some Dreamers had the ability to enter Tel'aran'hiod, the World of Dreams, and (it is said) even other people's dreams. The last acknowledged Dreamer was Corianin Nedeal, who died in 526 NE. See also Tel'aran'rhiod.

Tallanvor, Martyn (TAL-lahn-vohr, mahr-TEEN)

Guardsman-Lieutenant of the Queen's Guards who loves his queen more than life or honor. (B7)

Tam al'Thor (TAM al-THOR)

A farmer and shepherd in the Two Rivers. As a young man, he left to become a soldier, returning with his wife, Kari al'Thor (now deceased) and a child, Rand.

ta'maral'ailen (tah-MAHR-ahl-EYE-lehn)

In the Old Tongue, "Web of Destiny." A great change in the Pattern of an Age, centered around one or more people who are ta'veren. See also Pattern of an Age, ta'veren.

Tanchico (tan-CHEE-coh)

Capital city of Tarabon.

Tanreall, Artur Paendrag (than-REE-ahl, AHR- tuhr PAY-ehn-DRAG)

See Hawkwing, Artur.

Tarabon (TAH-rah-Bon)

Nation on the Aryth Ocean. Capital city is Tanchinco (tan-CHEE-coh). Once a great trading nation, a source of rugs, dyes and fireworks produced by the Guild of Illuminators, among other things. Now wracked by civil war, as well as by simultaneous wars against Arad Doman and people sworn to the Dragon Reborn.

Tarmon Gai'don (TAHR-mohn GAY-dohn)

Is the foretold Last Battle between the Dragon Reborn and the Dark One at the end of the third age. It is also foretold that the world will break again at the end of the battle. The Green Ajah stands ready for Tarmon Gai'don. See also Prophecies of the Dragon, Horn of Valere.

Tar Valon (TAHR VAH-lon)

A city on an island in the River Erinin. The center of Aes Sedai power and location of the White Tower.

Ta'veren (tah-VEER-ehn)

A person around whom the Wheel of Time weaves all surrounding life-threads, perhaps ALL life-threads, to form a Web of Destiny. This weaving is little understood except that it seems, in many ways, an alternation of chance; what might happen, but only rarely does. The effect can, at times, be quite localized. Someone influenced by a ta'veren may say or do what they would only have said or done one time in a million under those circumstances. Events occur of seeming impossibility, such as a child falling a hundred feet from a tower unharmed. At other times the effect seems to extend to influencing history itself, though often by means of the localized effects. This, it is believed, is the real reason that ta'veren are born, in order to shift history and restore a balance to the turning of the Wheel. See also Pattern of an Age, ta'maral'ailen.

Tear (TEER)

A nation on the Sea of Storms. Also the capital city of that nation, a great seaport. The banner of Tear is three white crescent moons slanting across a field half red, half gold. See also Stone of Tear.

Telamon, Lewis Therin (TEHL-ah-mon, LOOZ THEH-rihn)

See Dragon, the.

Tel'aran'rhiod (tel-AYE-rahn-rhee-ODD)

In the Old Tongue, "the Unseen World," or "the World of Dreams." A world glimpsed in dreams which was believed by the ancients to permeate and surround all other possible worlds. Unlike other dreams, what happens to living things in the World of Dreams is real; a wound taken there will still be there on awakening and one who dies there does not wake at all. See also ter'angreal, Dreamwalker.

ter'angreal (TEER-ahn-GREE-ahl)

Any one of a number of remnants of the Age of Legends that use the One Power. Unlike angreal and san'angreal, each ter'angreal was made to do a particular thing. For example, the Oath Rod, once an oath is spoken while holding this ter'angreal, it is binding. Some are used by Aes Sedai, but their original purposes are largely unknown. Some will kill or destroy the ability to channel of any woman who uses them. See also angreal, sa'angreal.

Thom Merrilin (TOM MER-rih-lihn)

A gleeman and traveler, who once served as court bard and lover to Queen Morgase. He travels throughout with with Rand, Mat, Elayne, Nynaeve and Juilin. See also Game of Houses, gleeman.

tia avende alantin (TEE-ah ah-VEN-day ah-LANH-tin)

In the Old Tongue, "Brother to the Trees."

Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin

In the Old Tongue, "The grave is no bar to my call." Inscription on the Horn of Valere. See also Horn if Valere.

Tigraine Mantear (tee-GRAIN)

As Daughter-Heir of Andor, she married Taringail Damodred and bore his son Galadedrid. Her disappearance in 972 NE, shortly after her brother, Luc, vanished in the Blight, led to the struggle in Andor, called the Succession, and caused the events in Cairhien that eventually brought on the Aiel War. Her sign was a woman's hand gripping a thorny rose stem with a white blossom.

Time of Madness

The years after the Dark One's counter stroke tainted the male half of the True Source. Male Aes Sedai went mad and Broke the World. The exact duration of this period is unknown, but it is believed to have lasted nearly one hundred years. See also Hundred Companions, True Source, Breaking of the World.

Torean (toh-ree-AHN)

A High Lord of Tear. A man who desires what neither his vast fortune nor his face will gain him.

Travels of Jain Farstrider, The

A very well-known book of travel stories and observations by a noted Malkieri writer and traveler. The book was first printed in 968 NE and has been reprinted continuously ever since. Jaim Farstrider disappeared shortly after the Aiel War and is generally believed to be dead.

Tree, the

See Avendesora.


Disparaging term used by the Aiel for Cairhienin, along with "oathbreakers." Both refer to King Laman's cutting down of Avendoraldera, a gift from the Aiel, and an act which violated the oaths given at the time the gift was given. To the Aiel, both terms rank with the worst that anyone can be called. See also Aiel War.


An Ogier who has the ability to sing to trees, called "treesinging", either healing them, helping them to grow and flower, or making things from the wood without damaging the tree. Objects made in this manner are called "sung wood" and are highly prized. Few Ogier remain who are Treesingers; the Talent seems to be dying out.

Trollocs (TRAHL-lohks)

Creatures of the Dark One, created during the War of the Shadow. Huge in stature, they are a twisted blend of animal and human stock. Vicious by nature, they kill for the pure pleasure of killing. Deceitful in the extreme, they cannot be trusted unless coerced by fear. They are divided into tribe-like bands, among then the Dha'vol, the Ko'bal, and the Dhai'mon.

Trolloc Wars

A series of wars, beginning about 1000 AB and lasting more than three hundred years, during which Trolloc armies ravaged the world. Eventually the Trollocs were slain or driven back into the Great Blight, but some nations ceased to exist, while others were almost depopulated. All records of the time are fragmentary. See also Covenant of the Ten Nations.

True Source

The driving force of the universe, which turns the Wheel of Time. It is divided in to a male half, saidin, and a female half, saidar, which work at the same time with and against each other. Only a man can draw on saidin, only a woman on saidar. Since the beginning of the Time of Madness, saidin has been tainted by the Dark One's touch. See also One Power.

Tuatha'an (too-AH-thah-AHN)

A wandering folk, also known as the Tinkers and Traveling People, who live in brightly painted wagons and wear bright clothing. They follow a totally pacifist philosophy called the Way of the Leaf. They travel to find the song that will bring back peaceful times. Things mended by Tinkers are often better than new. They are among the few who can cross the Aiel Waste unharmed, for the Aiel strictly avoid all contact with them. See also Aiel, Age of Legends.

Turak, High Lord of House Aladon (TOO-rak, AL-ah-dohn)

A Seanchan of high degree, commander of the Hailene. See also Seanchan, Hailene.