Book Glossary V

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Valda, Eamon

An impatient Lord Captain of the Children of the Light, a man who believes you cant make dinner without breaking a few eggs and sometimes it is necessary to burn down the barn to get rid of the rats. He sees himself as a pragmatist, and will take whatever advantage that offers itself. He is sure that Rand al'Thor is only a puppet of the White Tower and very likely cannot even channel. Hatred of Darkfriends (which of course include Aes Sedai) is the central pillar of his life. See also Children of the Light.

Verin Mathwin

Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, last known to be in the Two Rivers seeking girls who could be taught to channel.

Village Council

In most villages a group of men, elected by the townsmen and headed by a Mayor, who are responsible for making decisions which affect the village as a whole and for negotiating with the Councils of other villages over matters which affect the villages jointly. They are odds with the Women's Circle in so many villages that this conflict is seen as almost traditional. See also Women's Circle.

Vora's Sa'angreal

A sa'angreal in the form of a white fluted wand. Used by the circle that healed Mat of his link to the Shadar Logoth tainted dagger and by Egwene's circle when fighting the Seanchan.