Calwyn Sutoma

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Calwyn Sutoma is a bellmaker from Ebou Dar, Altara.

He is a cadaverous, impatient man with black hair.

His foundry is located outside the western walls of Ebou Dar.

He does not know anything about Illuminators and thinks fireworks are rubbish.

Suroth has commissioned thirteen bells for the celebration of their victory over Altara in a size that has never been cast before.

(Reference: Winter's Heart, Chapter 18)


Master Sutoma forced a chuckle, but he did not look amused, with his damp black hair hanging down and clinging to his face. His chuckle sounded as hollow as his cheeks, and he kept shooting frowns at his workmen as though suspecting they would lie down and go to sleep if he did not maintain a close watch on them. A dead man could not have slept in that heat. (Mat; Winter's Heart, Chapter 18)