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Author: Val a'Shain


Mangin is of the Jindo Sept of the Taardad Aiel. He is a Stone Dog. He is gray-eyed and is taller than Gaul (TSR, Ch. 7). He's also slightly taller than Rhuarc and younger (TFoH, Ch. 30).


  • Mangin crosses the Dragonwall in search of He Who Comes with the Dawn. Presumably in the spring of 998 NE.
  • Mangin wins a bet with Gaul about how far the High Lord Torean will slide across the floor after being physically thrown out of the Dragon's chamber by Rand. He wins a Tairen hanging (TSR, Ch. 7).
  • Mangin joins Rand on the campaign that will lead to the capture of Cairhien in 999 NE.
  • Mangin is present when Rand studies Cairhien through Tovere's looking glass (TFoH, Ch. 41).
  • Mangin stays in Cairhien after Rand takes the City, he doesn't join the Aiel moving against Illian or the group that accompanies Rand to Caemlyn.
  • Mangin kills a Cairhienin for wearing the tattoos of a clan chief. He reports to Rand for punishment. Rand sees no way out of it but to order he be hanged (LoC, Ch. 17).
  • True to his word Mangin appears in time for his hanging and puts the rope around his own neck, making a joke about it before he dies (LoC, Ch. 19; Ch. 24).


Rand likes Mangin, he is very upset over having to hang him (LoC, Ch. 19; Ch. 24).

Like most Aiel, Mangin doesn't think much of wetlanders and Cairhienin in particular (TFoH, Ch. 30).


"'I saw that he deserved to die, so I killed him.' He said it conversationally; he saw the drains needed cleaning, so he cleaned them. 'But you have said we cannot kill the oathbreakers except in battle, or if they attack us. Do I have toh toward you now?'" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 17)

"'A rope around the neck, as these wetlanders use.' Mangin nodded thoughtfully. 'Tell me where and when; I will be there. May you find water and shade today, Rand al'Thor.'" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 17)