Mistress Wellin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Mistress Wellin is one of the clerks in the White Tower during the Aiel War. She is stout with her gray hair in a neat roll on the nape of her neck and the Flame of Tar Valon worked on one sleeve.

She and Martan were to copy the names that were unreadable from the bounty lists that the Accepted made, but when she sees Moiraine and Siuan at their work, she is very displeased. Tamra Ospenya, the Amyrlin Seat, tries to settle her, after Mistress Wellin went to tell her about it.

(Reference: New Spring, Chapter 6)


"I dislike being set a task only to learn someone else is already performing it" (Mistress Wellin; New Spring, Chapter 6).

"Tamra was followed closely by the gray-haired clerk, who wore satisfaction on her face like too much rouge, and young Martan stood behind her, smiling over her shoulder at Moiraine and Siuan. He really would lose his place if he did that too often." (Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 6)