New Spring: Chapter 15

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Stag's Head Chapter Icon.png

Into Canluum

Chapter Icon: A Stag's Head

Point of View: Lan

Setting: Canluum, Kandor

Characters: Lan, Bukama



Lan and Bukama are riding into Canluum. They attract a lot of attention, mainly because of the hadori that they wear. As they reach the outer towers, a young guard calls out to them. "Al'Lan Mandragoran! The Light preserve us, we heard you were dead fighting the Aiel at the Shining Walls! Tai'shar Malkier! I stand ready, Majesty." Lan calmly replies that he is not a king. Bukama is angry, because the guard speaks as if he were Malkieri, yet he wears his hair short and does not wear a hadori. An officer appears and welcomes Lan, but he does not let them by until Bukama swears to uphold the peace.

Lan and Bukama begin to search for a place to stay; Lan does not wish to stay at Lord Marcasiev's palace, because then he will have to attend balls and hunts.

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