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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Nildra is a servant of some kind in the rebel Aes Sedai camp. She is described as wiry, sticklike and gray-haired (LoC, Ch. 8; LoC, Ch. 34; TPoD, Ch. 18).

She is perfectly respectful to her superiors, but not a hair more than absolutely necessary to others. Especially the Accepted annoy her and she lets them know it whenever she gets the chance (LoC, Ch. 8; LoC, Ch. 34).

According to Chesa, Nildra is also quite a gossip (LoC, Ch. 36).


  • When Nynaeve goes to find Marigan (Moghedien), she is scrubbing pots in the kitchen. Nildra, who is in charge, does not want to let her go at once, because she does not have many servants to put to work. Since Myrelle allows her to have Marigan to help with the work, Nildra wants to keep her at least for the next few hours (LoC, Ch. 8).
  • Upon arriving in Salidar, Egwene approaches Nildra to ask her to show her where she can find Sheriam. Annoyed, Nildra stalks off to the meeting place of the Council. When she shows the Aes Sedai that Egwene is there, they are so amazed that they forget about Nildra's presence (LoC, Ch. 34).


"Well, I can’t let Marigan go, yet. I’m shorthanded as it is. One of my girls is getting married today, another ran off, and two are on light work because they’re pregnant. Myrelle Sedai told me I could have her. Maybe I can do without her in a few hours." (Nildra to Nynaeve; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 8)

"Everyone comes to me," the woman muttered. "Does anybody do anything for themselves? No, they want Nildra to do it. You Accepted are the worst of the lot. Well, I don’t have all night. Follow me, if you’re coming. If not, you can find her for yourself." (Nildra to Egwene; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 34)