Paaran Disen Pie

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Author: Zara Ravenwood

To the tune oif "American Pie" by Don McClean

A long, long time ago;
I can still remember
How those Daryar used to make me cry.
And I knew that if I got my chance,
Then I could make the Dark One dance,
And maybe hold back Tarmon Gai'don for a while.

But the woman's plans made me shiver.
With the Last Battle
Shai'tan delivered,
The taint on our door step.
The world broke one more step.
I can't remember if I cried,
When I heard about his dead kin, kids a vrided.
But the Power made me sick instead,
The day Lews Therin died.

So bye-bye Miss Paar Disen Pie.
Drove my Go Cart to the Wal-Mart
But the time line would soon die.
Them good male Sedai were drinking'
Oosquai and rye.
Singing, "This will be the day that we die."

Did you read that book on Tel'aran'rhiod?
Pardon if I should a bit paranoid.
If the Ogier tells me no;
Or are you part of the Dark One's fold?
Well the Children will save your mortal soul
With whipes and procedures burning slow.
Well I know that you're in love with him,
Because I saw you kissing in the Dream.
You both kicked off your shoes
Till he called himself Telamon Therin Lews!
I was a lowly shepherd, a wool-headed punk
With a horse called Bela and sword in my trunk.
My best friend Mat got all the luck.
The day Lews Therin died.


To greet her we were all there in one place.
In a Two Rivers Village, you looked out of place
With six fighting men.

When Thom Merrilin sang for the King and Queen,
A Coach her Borrowed from LLBean,
And with a choice
That left Orain up a stream.

And when King Laman looked down,
He chopped that poor World Tree down.
The Aiel they returned,
And Cairhien was burned

And while Loial read a book on art,
Novice Moiraine spied in the park
and Fain still shivered in the Dark.
The day Lews Therin died.


The Woman's rooms were sweet perfume
While Trollocs played a marking tune.
The Aiel got up to dance;
Oh, but they never had the chance
'Cuz the Asha'man tried to take the field.
The Shaido doors refused to yield.
Can you reach who held Rand shielded?
The day Lews Therin died.


Galad be nimble.
Galad be quick.
Galad got beat up by a farmer's stick
because pride is not a soldier's friend.
And as I watched him on the stage,
Hands were claimed and tips were paid.
No thin Tinker born in hell
Could feed us very well.
And with the fireworks shot off into night;

Glad I helped poor Arda win that fight.
I watched them with pure delight,
The day Lews Therin died.


I met a girl with eyes of blue,
And asked for some happy news.
But she just pointed to Min and turned away,
And in the streets the riots screamed;
The children prayed,
and Egeanin dreamed.
But no Fortelling was spoken,
And cuendillar is *broken*?
And the Seanchan hire I among most
Caught the first boat from the coast.
As for who Tam is, you didn't even come close.
The day Lews Therin died.