The Great Hunt: Chapter 12

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Woven in the Pattern

Chapter Icon: Template:Teardrop

Point of View: Egwene

Characters: Egwene, Nynaeve, the Amyrlin Seat, Lord Agelmar, Moiraine, Leane, Lan, Verin, Alviarin, Alanna, Liandrin and Anaiya.

Setting: Fal Dara and Medo, Shienar.


Egwene and Nynaeve set out for Tar Valon and have some lessons


Egwene hurries towards the Amyrlin's palanquin, intent on finding out "what had caused the turmoil in Fal Dara". Both she and Nynaeve get close to the Amyrlin and learn that someone had hurt her, "a bowman not yet caught". She is not harmed too badly and insists on leaving at once, despite Lord Agelmar's protests that "this attempt on your life changes everything". The Amyrlin refuses to stay until they have caught the bowman and then sees Egwene and Nynaeve. Moiraine admits that they are the two new novices and the Amyrlin points out that "I sense a fine spark in each of them". Egwene is nervous because the Amyrlin is looking at her like she was a tool, "This one for this purpose, and that one for that". The order is given and the group mount quickly and are on their way. The group is followed by cheers but Egwene's mood is less than happy. Nynaeve comforts her by pointing out that Rand "has Lord Ingtar and twenty lances with him".

The group move as quickly as they can over the next few days and the "camps came late each night". Each Ajah had their own tent and their Warders slept outside it; the Amyrlin and Leane each have their own tent and Egwene and Nynaeve share one. Lan comes to their tent once to see Nynaeve but she erupts in anger and he doesn't come again, even though "He stood watching the tent from the darkness for a long time before he went away". Moiraine does not come near them while they ride, preferring to speak "with the other Aes Sedai, all but the Red sisters, drawing them aside one by one". Egwene thinks that she has forgotten them but Nynaeve is not quite so sure, "I'll believe she is done with us when she's dead - or us".

While they rest at night, Aes Sedai visit their tent; the first is Verin Mathwin Sedai. She comes to teach Egwene some more about channeling. Apparently, the fact that Egwene has started to channel, and does not have a block that prevents her from channeling, may be dangerous for her. Nynaeve has some control over her channeling and so doesn't have to take part in the lessons, though she does, grudgingly. Most novices are scared of what they can do with the One Power but some, like Egwene, are eager to learn more. That is why "there was nothing for it but for her (Moiraine) to begin teaching you". Although there is not too much danger now, Egwene's "innate abilities are strong, child, and they will grow stronger". She must be taught thoroughly and fairly quickly so that she doesn't hurt the people around her or herself.

Egwene and Nynaeve try to embrace saidar by using a flower bud in their minds as a focus, "You and the bud are one". Egwene feels "The merest trickle of it (saidar) seeping through her" but looses it when she tries to force it. Nynaeve complains that she cannot feel anything but Verin convinces her to stay by describing the novice chores. Near the end of the lesson, the blankets burst into flame, proof that Nynaeve had just channeled, though "I didn't mean to burn anything". Verin channels the fire out but it signals the end of the lesson. She warns them one last time of channeling too much saidar, "If you draw too much, you can destroy yourself". Other Aes Sedai come to their tent in the evenings; Alviarin Sedai, "cool and businesslike", Alanna Sedai, a typical Green, and Liandrin Sedai who questions them endlessly about Rand, Mat and Perrin.

Egwene begins to dream of Rand again, though her dreams have changed by the time they reach Medo. Medo is where they board the boats that will take them to Tar Valon. After being waved aside by a Yellow sister, Egwene finds Anaiya Sedai and asks to see Moiraine. Anaiya tells her that "Moiraine is gone" and Nynaeve has already been bundled onto the River Queen, "I had to bundle her onto a boat myself". Egwene learns that Moiraine has left the group along with Lan and that Liandrin and Verin have also disappeared. Now convinced that she cannot speak to Moiraine, Egwene tells Anaiya about her dreams. In them, there was "a man with a mask over his face, and fire instead of eyes", Ba'alzamon though she doesn't know it, who scared her. Then, there was an evil woman standing over Rand, who was sleeping, and they disappeared suddenly in a flash of light. Egwene senses that there is danger not far off and that Rand is walking into a trap. Anaiya explains that there is a slight chance that Egwene might be a Dreamer, which is very close to Foretelling but "it could be just an ordinary nightmare". Anaiya tells her that they will "talk about it more on the River Queen". She then leaves Egwene to board River Queen herself.



Where did Moiraine, Liandrin and Verin go?
Who was the tall woman in Egwene’s dream?
Was the masked man really surprised that Egwene could see him?


First Mention

Tuck Padwhin

First Appearance


Character Development


She admits she has channeled, but is not happy to do so She agrees to practice to avoid being a novice


Thinks Moiraine is the only Aes Sedai they can trust

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