Towers of Midnight: Chapter 43

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Some Tea

Chapter Icon: Template:Bird

Points of View: Perrin, Alliandre


Galad decides Perrin is no Darkfriend and swears to follow him until the Last Battle


Perrin's Point of View:

Setting A battlefield

Characters: Edarra, Galad, Jerum Nus, Perrin

Perrin and Galad talk as they walk through the battlefield, looking for survivors. Perrin tells him saidin. Perrin hears a voice, and they find a survivor, Jerum, under a pile of trollocs. He is hHealed by Edarra and Perring tells Galad he will take the Whitecloaks to the Last Battle, if Galad swears to obey him until then. If not, he will leave them for Rand. Galad agrees and sits, weakened by being caught in Perrin's ta'veren effect.

Alliandre's Point of View:

Setting: A Tent

Characters: Alliandre, Berelain, Faile, Galad

Alliandre watches Faiule and Berelain, not fooled by their pretence at friendship. She knows she is in over her head, but is working to her strengths. Berelain tells her that he would have liked Perrin as a connection to Rand, but she will find another. She starts to tell Alliandre that a ruler has no room for love and must make a match that his best for her land, when Galad enters and she completely loses her train of thought.



The Whiteloaks

The subplot with the Whitecloaks would seem to reach a conclusion. Galad decides on his punishment and that they will follow him

Character Development

  • Alliandre thinks Berelain has not totally given up on Perrin
  • She is totally smitten with Galad
  • He agrees to swear to Perrin
  • He continues to enjoy time with Berelain
  • He binds the Whitecloaks to him


First Mention

Jerum Nus, Ranum Sinah

First Appearance

Jerum Nus, Ranum Sinah

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