Jon Skellit

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Jon Skellit is a barber at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn and a spy for Naean Arawn (CoT, Ch. 14; KoD, Ch. 16).


  • He hands over the gold mark Arymilla had given him to Mistress Harfor as proof he is amended. He delivers Elayne's forged report to Naean and returns saying that Naean intends to be with Arymilla when she rides into Caemlyn and that they plan an attack sometime soon (KoD, Ch. 16).


"If Naean, or Arymilla, learns what he's done, he's a dead man, and he knows it. But he's afraid if the city falls, they will learn. I think he may bolt soon." (Reene Harfor to Elayne about Skellit; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 16)