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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Murellin is Mili Skane's guard. He is possibly also a Darkfriend. He is described as being a hulking fellow, heavily muscled and big enough to almost fill in a normal doorway, with sunken knuckles and sullen eyes (TPoD, Ch. 28; CoT, Ch. 15).

Hanlon thinks Murellin is "not only the size of an ox, he [has] the wits of one" (CoT, Ch. 15).


  • Murellin leads Daved Hanlon deeper into the mansion when he shows up at the house. During Carridin's torture, he hands Shiaine a funnel and pours a cask of brandy into Carridin's mouth until it is empty; he would have done the same to Falion had she not promised to obey Shiaine (TPoD, Ch. 28).
  • When Mellar/Hanlon appears at Shiaine's mansion, Murellin looks into the room where his mistress and Marillin Gemalphin are meeting and waits for permission to let Mellar inside (WH, Ch. 10).
  • He is in the barn, smoking his pipe and drinking. When he returns and sees Hanlon with Falion, he asks the other man what he is doing with "his woman." He "starts around the table" (either toward Falion or Hanlon) and is cut off when Shiaine orders Falion to bring her Hanlon. Falion is also ordered to tell Murellin that Shiaine has a "bundle" for him to dispose of later (CoT, Ch. 15).


  • Shiaine/Mili doesn't like the smell of the tabac Murellin uses, so she forbids him to smoke his pipe inside her house. Whenever he goes to smoke in the stable, he usually takes a pot or even a pitcher of ale with him (CoT, Ch. 15).
  • Shiaine lets Murellin have his way with Falion when she doesn't need her. This way, she makes sure that Falion understands that she was given to Shiaine by Moridin. Falion asks Hanlon if he has anything that will make Murellin sleep through the night, but not kill him. She would be the first suspect when Shiaine found out (CoT, Ch. 15).
  • He will drink anything no matter how it tastes (CoT, Ch. 15).


"You messing with my woman? (...) The Lady figured I might as well use what you aren’t. Anyway, Fally and me keep each other warm nights." (Murellin to Mellar about his relationship to Falion; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 15)