Ned Yarman

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Ned Yarman is Sareitha's Warder. He is young, tall and broad-shouldered, with corn-yellow hair, bright blue eyes and a boyish face (WH, Ch. 7; KoD, Ch. 32).

He is very assiduous in his duties toward his Aes Sedai (WH, Ch. 7).


  • Sareitha bonded him less than a year ago; some sisters call it "fresh caught," a term dating back to the Trolloc Wars (WH, Ch. 7).
  • He and the rest of the Warders drink at Mat's least favorite tavern while Sareitha and the others pay a visit to the Kin (ACoS, Ch. 31).
  • He guards the rear with the other Warders when they pass through Aviendha's gateway to the farm and then scouts ahead once they are through. This is considered both an honor and responsibility for any Warder (TPoD, Ch. 1; Ch. 2; Ch. 3).
  • When they arrive at the farm, the Kinswomen panic at seeing Aes Sedai. The Warders are sent to round them up and quiet them again (TPoD, Ch. 4).
  • When the Seanchan attack, Alise tells the Warders and the servants to gather as much food as they can. Ned brings Sareitha her horse before they Travel to Andor and continue towards Caemlyn; the Warders are always scouting ahead on their way (TPoD, Ch. 6; Ch. 20).
  • He accompanies Sareitha and Elayne through Caemlyn. When they get back to the Royal Palace, Ned holds his Aes Sedai's bridle for her to dismount. They both head for the library, as there are books Sareitha has an interest in (WH, Ch. 7)
  • He gives some of Elayne's Guardswomen sword lessons and is pleased to see how quickly they learn (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • When Elayne sends for Sareitha after she learns about Marillin and Falion's whereabouts, Ned accompanies her to the large sitting room. When he spots Hark in one corner, he positions himself so that he can watch the man. He agrees with Birgitte's opinion on Elayne's plan; as a Warder, he cannot let his Aes Sedai go into the lion's den alone (KoD, Ch. 31).
  • Feeling the effects of Asne's ter'angreal through the bond, Ned notes that Sareitha feels muzzy and weak. When Sareitha dies, he runs off into Full Moon Street, bellowing with rage. Most likely, the Black Ajah kill him (KoD, Ch. 32).


"Sareitha and her Warder left them after a few paces, the Brown murmuring an excuse about books she wanted to see in the library. The collection was not small, though nothing in comparison to the great libraries, and she spent hours there every day, frequently pulling up age-worn volumes she said were unknown elsewhere. Yarman heeled her as she glided off down a crossing hallway, a dark stocky swan drawing a strangely graceful stork in her wake. He still carried his disturbing cloak, carefully folded over one arm. Warders rarely let those out of their own hands for long." (Elayne on Sareitha and her Warder; Winter's Heart, Chapter 7})