Paitr do Fearna a'Conn

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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Paitr do Fearna a'Conn is a Murandian nobleman. He has curled mustaches and a habit of tugging at them fiercely.

He is one of the heads of the Murandian delegation that meets with the Andoran nobles and the Hall of the rebel Aes Sedai on the Feast of Abram.

(Reference: The Path of Daggers, Chapter 17)


"Paitr stood much too close to her, puffing and preening and stroking his mustaches -- from the way he stared down her dress, he had not mistaken her for a sister, that was certain! -- but she was giving him only half her mind(...)" (Egwene on Halima and Paitr; The Path of Daggers, Chapter 18)