Rasoria Domanche

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rasoria Domanche is an under-lieutenant of the Queen's Guard in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. Previously, she was a Hunter of the Horn. She is a stocky Tairen with blue eyes and yellow hair (WH, Ch. 26).

Even though it is her duty to see Elayne safe, Rasoria is over-protective of her. She wants the cooks supervised when they prepare Elayne's meals (CoT, Ch. 12) and insists on searching the rooms Elayne is about to enter thoroughly for an assailant of any kind (CoT, Ch. 13).


  • She is one of the Guardswomen to accompany Elayne and Aviendha through the Royal Palace (WH, Ch. 26).
  • She and two other Guardswomen search Elayne's bathchamber for possible assassins, then wait in the outer room. Rasoria is angry when Zaida shoves past her into the room and closes the door in her face (CoT, Ch. 12).
  • She is abashed that she has let Zaida pass. After Elayne's bath, she and the other Guardswomen escort Elayne, Aviendha and Birgitte to the larger sitting room where the High Seats wait. Later, she comes in again to announce the First Clerk and the First Maid (CoT, Ch. 13).
  • After she closes the door behind the two, the guards must have changed, because the next Guardswoman who opens the door is Tzigan Sokorin (CoT, Ch. 14).


"Likely, following on the heels of the incident with Zaida, Rasoria would have wanted the lords and ladies waiting inside to surrender their weapons!" (Elayne on Rasoria; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)