Sephanie Pelden

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Sephanie Pelden is a young tirewoman in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. She is sturdy, fresh-faced and shy-eyed. Her sister is Naris (CoT, Ch. 11).


  • She has been chosen out to be trained by Essande as a Lady's maid instead of cleaning the hallways, because it is safe enough to assume she is not a spy. Essande sends her to fetch the men with the hot water for Elayne's bath. When Zaida appears, Elayne sends her for some wine for the guests (CoT, Ch. 12).
  • After the bath, Essande allows Sephanie to dress Elayne, but brushes Elayne's hair herself (CoT, Ch. 13).
  • She helps Essande in dressing Elayne for her audience with the High Seats of eight Houses (KoD, Ch. 35).


"Apprehension made the sturdy young woman clumsy, clumsiness made her more painstaking, and taking pains made her worry more about mistakes, so the result was that she moved more slowly than the frail older woman ever had." (Elayne on Sephanie; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 13)