The Demands of Pirates

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Author: The Gray Ajah & Guests

A Gray Ajah Sitting Room 3-word Story

The Gray Pirates loaded the wheelbarrows with rum and pear-flavored vodka. They started towards the dock weaving Air for the fastest voyage possible. The ship left the port heading before they boarded, leaving the pirates to say, "ARG!". But after they kidnapped Halosia, all the pirates decided to throw their captive Accepted in a cage and pie her! Once Addycat presided over your FACE, it seemed like a perfect time to drink the rum. Naturally, drunkenness occurred and caused the pirates to dance the sa'sara, to Thalin's epic band, who played in only their underwear. "Oh, how Grayt!" exclaimed Velaris. She promptly took them onto the ship for donuts and fudgesicles. The Graytspiriants garnished their corsets with sparklies and tried to attract lightning bugs to their epic cleavage.

This attracted Manspirants, who all knew the value of sparkly epic cleavage. It was SRS. SrsLii then decided to throw rice in her cleavage - no one knows why she didn't throw rice into everyone else's cleavage, but the effect was striking. Changing the pattern of the ship, all hands on deck stood on their rakens' backs. Flying around with kegs of purple pea pods, the Grays winged towards the rum and yelled out, "This is SRSBZNS! We need more tan lines!" At that, the SRSrum filled Grays set-sail for srslii land, where all dreams play hide-n-seek. If you find a dream, you win a Grayt, big "arg" from Captain Jack Sparrow who happened to own Dreamland's resort.

The best part of Gray Pirate-ing, (in my opinion.) is all the srs bsns that occurs when all Graytspirants decide to monopolize Wall Street and a mushroom-roofed house. Siblings on a quest to discover the sacred cleavage of Velaris. It was not what they originally thought -- it was much worse! Blinding sparklies of epic sacred cleavage presided over the wheelbarrow, which had grown long, furry popsicle sticks! Mutant boxjars ran around the disintegrated pile of california rolls, biting Lii's mushroom stash. Then the ringbearers started down while screaming, "Bite the mushrooms hard!" It freakin HURT. but not as long as they dipped it in peanutbutter-jelly sauce, which gray pirates had previously concocted.

The Gray flag was waving fiercely as the Warders flaunted their glittering eyebrows. They decided to impress the Aspirants with their metrosexual pimpified wheelbarrows, by flaunting their fringed shawls as gaily as they cried, "Cockles adoodledoo!" The girls enjoyed it like 1999 only different because Prince is awesome in that he allowed them to have some specially made rum and Coca-Cola.

So, the SRSbzns was not really as awesomesauce as the epic cleavage, but it got spelled out anyway for SRZbzns is always epic enough for wheelbarrows and pie. Once that was established, all the real pirates returned, trying to claim the docks and slippers of gold.


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