Willin Mantear

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Willin Mantear is the guardian of Perival Mantear, the young High Seat of House Mantear (CoT, Ch. 13).

He is elderly. He would have traveled to Caemlyn with Perival to support Elayne for the Lion Throne, but he could not as he is bedridden (CoT, Ch. 13).

When Dyelin was visiting House Mantear to gain support for Elayne, he tells her to tell Elayne that he sends his good wishes, as well as one he considers a son. He tells Perival to uphold the honor of both Mantear and Andor (CoT, Ch. 13).

Elayne thinks that Willin has done a good job with Perival, and that she must keep it from going to waste (CoT, Ch. 13).